Vacant and blighted Chef Highway hotel to undergo major facelift

14 years after Hurricane Katrina New City Councilmember Nguyen helps owner of the old Holiday Inn redeveloped...

NEW ORLEANS — The old hotel at Chef Menteur Highway and Interstate 10 in New Orleans East was literally once something to write home about, as postcards from the era that featured the then-new building show.

But that was long ago.

These days, the nine-story hotel is a canvas for graffiti artists. Its swimming pool sits still and stagnant, and someone has already ripped off and tossed aside boards from a new fence.

"City Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen said Peter Gardner, the building's owner, is getting the final pieces of financing together to renovate the old hotel.
"I'm very confident. The property owner and all the partners he's brought to the table have been very upfront, engaging with us, have kept my office in touch and updated on where he's at," Nguyen said.